Screen Cap of Project: Space

Project: Space

2D Game | 4 Person Team | April 2016

Head Architect on 4 person team that created a 2d dungeon crawler game in C#. My role was design the class structure, implement level files so they can be created in our own level designer and loaded into the game, and implement the collision system. We used GitHub as our source control and held bi-weekly meetings.

HTML5 and CSS3

Personal Website | Solo | Ongoing

Developing my personal website to showcase myself. I am using HTML5, CSS3, and the Bootstrap framework to create a mobile friendly site. This project is ongoing and will change as I change.

screencap of website

Forum Site | Solo | Ongoing

I have developed a fully functional web forum using MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and the Bootstrap Framework.

screencap of game

Flash Game

2D Game | Solo | June 2014

Developed an “Asteroids” style 2D top-down shooter in Flash.