It is our pleasure to bring to you the Proceedings of the 2002 Physics Education Research Conference, held August 7th-8th in Boise, Idaho. As was the case with the previous Proceedings, the papers in this journal represent research presented either as a poster or in an oral session. We have tried to stay true to the original goal of the proceedings to provide a snapshot of the research being performed within our community. We hope these papers will bring you insight, data, and perhaps a touch of inspiration that you can bring to your classroom or research studio.

In composing this journal, we have tried to balance the two principles of inclusiveness and quality. As our community is still growing, it is important to take a wide view of what research can be considered physics education research. We have included papers which present preliminary results or work in an unusual area. What must not be compromised, however, is the overall quality of the research reported. We are extremely fortunate to have an exceptional group of reviewers that give up a portion of their conference time, many for now two years in a row, to ensure the quality of this journal is not sacrificed to a quick turn-around time.

The following researchers graciously lent their competence to this journal's peer-review process in 2002: Curt Hieggelke, Lei Bao, Eric Brewe, Gordon Aubrecht, Michael Loverude, Rasil Warnakulasooriya, Rachel Scherr, Keith Oliver, Bruce Sherwood, Michael Wittmann, Mel Sabella, Paula Heron, Tom Foster, Sanjoy Mahajan, Richard Hake, Kerry Browne, Vince Kuo, David Meltzer, Scott Bonham, Noah Finkelstein, Mark Lattery, Cody Sandifer, Kathy Harper, Eugenia Etkina, Laura McCullough, Chandralekha Singh, Kandiah Manivannan, Jeff Saul, Charles Henderson, Alan Van Heuvlen, Tim French, Valerie Otero, Charles DeLeone, Melissa Dancy, Steve Kanim, Bob Beichner, Pat Cooney, Rebecca Lindell, and Catherine Ishikawa.We would like to extend a sincere ``Thank you'' to all and apologize for any pain caused in the arm-twisting process.

We unfortunately neglected to include such a list in the Preface for the 2001 Proceedings, and therefore take the time now to thank Leith Allen, Charles DeLeone, Andy Elby, Noah Finkelstein, Tom Foster, Elizabeth George, Bill Gerace, Kathy Harper, Ken Heller, Charles Henderson, Paula Heron, Beth Hufnagel, Catherine Ishikawa, Steve Kanim, Bill Leonard, Sanjoy Mahajan, Kandiah Manivannan, Laura McCullough, David Meltzer, Jose Mestre, Valerie Otero, Wendell Potter, Chandralekha Singh, Alan Van Heuvelen, Michael Wittman, Xueli Zou. And we owe this group no less thanks.

Finally, the Editors would like to thank the people who organized this year's Physics Education Research Conference - most notably Dewey Dykstra and Melissa Dancy.


The Editors,
Scott Franklin
Karen Cummings
Jeff Marx