Victor Perotti

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Victor Perotti, Ph.D.
RIT Saunders College
of Business
107 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623

phone: 585-475-7753


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Full list of publications on Saunders COB Website


current projects:


2008 NSF Grant on a Contract-Switched Scalable Internet Solution - Drs. Shenoy, Gupta, Kar and Yuksel are tackling this exciting project to facilitate a new architecture for the Internet. My role is to understand and represent the Socio/Economic side of this complex problem.


2007 NSF SGER Grant on a Future Switched Internet – Dr. Nirmala Shenoy and I have been funded by the National Science Foundation as part of the Future Internet Network Development (FIND) initiative to look at the technological, social and economic possibilities of a Switched Internet Architecture.


The Digital Entrepreneurship Community which has become a leading place to discuss how new technologies are changing the landscape for new ventures. Emerging themes include social networks, video gaming, mobile computing and more. This project was begun as part of an NCIIA Digital Entrepreneurship Grant.


Mobile Learning / Collaboration is an ongoing interest. RIT’s Office of Online Learning, the Vice President of Research and the Department of Management Information Systems invested in an experiment examining undergraduates use of mobile web technologies to support collaboration and learning.


WebDecide is an enterprise business simulation that Dr. Tom Pray and I have developed. It benefits from the feedback of participants from over 20 years of consulting and training. WebDecide has excelled in corporate training and academic settings.


Digital Business is an emerging area of interest. I lead the Digital Business Research Group at the E. Philip Saunders College of Business, where we try to understand how new technologies are changing business practice and opportunity. I am also helping to develop new curriculum in this area.


With Elizabeth Lawley, I am the recent Co-Director of RIT’s Lab for Social Computing. This interdisciplinary group seeks to develop new insights into this important technology trend today.


With Andy Phelps, I am the Co-Director for Entrepreneurship at RIT’s Lab for Game Design and Development. The GDD major is already very successful and the laboratory continues to develop projects which can become new ventures