Research Grant

  • 2013: Perotti, V., Digital Journalism Incubator. To support the multidisciplinary "Digital Journalism Incubator" and to develop a model for co-teaching, co-listing, and co-learning for journalism education.

  • 2011: Perotti, V., & Vlosky, R., NCIIA eTeams Grant: Strong Arm.

  • 2011: Perotti, V., & Hickerson, A., Rise Above The Crowd.

  • 2011: Perotti, V., Shenoy, N., Yuksel, M., & Gupta, A., Supplement to NSF Award.

  • 2010: Perotti, V., Mobile Learning Communities a Proof of Concept.

  • 2010: Perotti, V., DeMartino, R., Barbato, R., & Atkins, S., Deaf Entrepreneurship.

  • 2008: Perrotti, V., & Shenoy, N., Future Internet Design: A Switched Internetworking Architecture with Contracted Services.

  • 2007: Perrotti, V., & Shenoy, N., SGER: A Switched Internet Architecture.

  • 2006: DeMartino, R., Perotti, V., & Hull, C., Digital Entrepreneurship.

  • 2001: Perotti, V., & Ettlie, J., Web-based New Product Development.