Lederman, Leon. Beyond the god particle, by Leon Lederman and Christopher Hill. Prometheus Books, 2013.

Most people interested in physics, at the technical or popular level, have heard of Ledermanís The God Particle. This sequel is equally informative andentertaining. It reviews some basic physics too, summarizes the history of twentieth century high energy physics, andagain stresses the importance forfunding fundamental research in order for America to regain and maintain its preeminence in the science. Leaving aside this national call the book is worth reading by Non-Americans as well for its physics-contents. It talks about the LHC, Muon Collider, Project X, about the Higgs boson, etc. According to a story in the introduction, at an Open House in Fermilab an woman from a tourist bus asked if, corresponding to the God particle there was a Satan particle, and if the mass of the particle had something to do with Catholic mass. The anecdote symbolizes the unbridgeable gap, not between science and religion, but between the scientifically unschooled (the majority in any population) and those who toy with TOE and Higgs. Books like this will clarify matters to those with some acquaintance with physics, but not educate those who have none.