Shiva Oh Mystic Power, Auspicious is Your name.
The Vedas call you Rudra, Your wrath has gained much fame. 
As third of the Triple MUrti, dissolution you do bring
Yet as Pashupati, You protect each living thing.
You are the source of conscious self, and this is a vision of You
In our sacred history: You have a neck all blue
With a coiled cobra all around, and body smeared in gray,
With a chain of skulls, clothed in deer skin, they say.
Your Third Eye turned
KAma to dust in his day
And fills us with awe in a very intense way.
In the mystic vision, You are on
KailAs Mount
And of the sacred
Ganga , your  matted hair is fount.
You are known as KAla - Time that has no end,
Also as SaMkara - Beneficent, to all a friend.
You are MahAdeva, in our humble view,
And by a Thousand Names we often worship you.
But Your spiritual secrets are very much more
Than all the names and forms, and all our tradition's lore.
You are the abstract One that brings to complete naught
All that ever emerged as things and as thought.
Not just the bloom of flower and the beat of heart
But everything comes to end that ever had a start:
From whisper frail of the gentle breeze
To ancient rocks and sturdy trees,
From leptons, hadrons, and atoms so tiny
To the shining stars and galaxies many.
All that have had a birth and all that evolve
Sooner or later, they all must dissolve.
You are the grand mystery behind impermanence,
And the final dot that ends every sentence.
The breath that at last lulls the lungs for certain,
The rope that at last closes the cosmic curtain.
From here below to up on high
Of the grandest show You are the final sigh.
Whenever on You I meditate
I grasp much better my earthly state.

OM namaShivaya!
March 1, 2003

Homage to Sarasvati

The Supreme Mystery that awakens the mind,

The root of ev'ry syllable and word,

The fount of joy in glorious music,

The rhythm in dance that's full of life;

The magic in numbers, the wonder in symbols,

The spark of knowledge, the flash of insight;

The wisdom in books and the beauty in arts:

All this is Sarasvati in Indic vision.

Her I recall every morn,

Meditate upon ‘fore the day unfolds.

To her I offer my homage special

With a prayer of a distant age:

jñAnam dehi, smritam dehi,

vidhyAm vidhyAdhi devate

pratishtam kavitam dehi,

shaktim sishya prabodhikAm.

Give me wisdom, give me mem’ry,

          Goddess, Source of Knowledge wide.

          Make me steadfast, give me poetry,

          Give me the power, students to guide!

Notes: We use words to talk. We enjoy music. We play with numbers. All these are nice, because they make us happy. How can we say Thanks for these enriching experiences? nIn the Hindu framework, there is a Goddess who gives us words and language and music and numbers. That Goddess is Sarasvati.

October 1, 2006