Links to HTML or PDF versions of TeamPhysics 311 documents

01Other O100 Logger Pro Instructions O105 Logger Pro Video Instructions O110 Webassign Instructions O115 Graphs in Excel Excel Spreadsheet


02Measurement M100 Go For A Walk M105 Estimates M110 Units and Conversions
  M115 Bounce of Ball M120 Simple Pendulum M125 Physical Pendulum


03Kinematics K100 Motion Diagrams to Graphs K105 Handwaving K110 Water Accelerometer K115 One D Kinematics Problems
  K120 Motion To Graph 2 K200 Ball Thrown Vertically K205 Interactive Physics and Kinematics K300 Two D Motion
  K310 Projectile As Curvilinear Motion K400 Two D Kinematics Problems K405 Video Analysis and Kinematics K500 Circular Accelerometer
  K505 Curved Racetrack K600 Relative Motion PDF    


04Vectors V100 Vector Worksheet PDF V105 Vector Quiz V110 Vector Summary PDF V500 Dot Product


05 Forces F100 Force Intro F105 Force Plate F200 Newton's Third Law F300 Qualitative Atwood
  F305 Atwood and Friction F500 Newton's Law Problems F900 Spring Force  


06 COMMomentum P100 Center of Mass P105 COM Video P110 COM Model P205 Momentum Worksheet
  P210 Momentum Problems P215 Momentum and External Forces P400 Impulse in a real collision P405 Collisions and Gravity
  P415 Impulse of a Tennis Ball P420 Falling People and Impulse    


07Work_Energy W100 Work KE Theorem Part a W100 Part b W100 Part c W105 Work From Graph
  W110 Work of Variable Force Part a W110 Part b W115 Work In Vertical Lift W210 Work Problems
  E100 Conservative/Non Conservative E105 Lab on Energy E200 Energy Pendulum Expt E205 Modelling Pendulum Part a
  E205 Part b E210 Modelling Energy of Spring System E215 Energy Problems  


08MomentumAndEnergy PE100 Momentum Energy Intro PE105 Using Momentum and Energy PE300 Ballistic Pendulum