Dr. Vern Lindberg

Gosnell Room 3344



Senior Staff Assistant Cindy Drake

FAX 585-475-5766

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Modified September 22, 2010

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Intermediate Mechanics 1



Easy Java Simulations Download This is open-source (free) software used for numerical solutions of differential equations--windows, mac-os, linux all available.

Review questions

Notes from Lindberg--These are my notes based on the text. Feel free to download if they help you.
Ch 1 Vector Concepts HW 1 Due Sept 16 Ch 4 Newtonian Mechanics 2D, 3D HW
Ch 2 Newtonian Mechanics 1D HW 2 Due Sept 23
Ch2 Homework Part 2 Due Sept 30
Chapter 5 Noninertial Reference Frames HW
Ch 3 Oscillations HW Ch 6 Central Forces and Gravity HW

Guidelines for HW

Download the linked ejs file and be sure the extension is .ejs If it is saved as name.ejs.txt, just delete the .txt

Easy Java Simulation Guideline EJS ball moving in a circle EJS Linear drag, horizontal motion from solutions EJS Linear drag, horizontal motion from Diff Eq

Exam 1 will be the week of October 11