Sample student group contracts.

These are actual contracts devised by students at North Carolina State University. Your group should write a contract identifying what your responsibilities to the group.

Sample 1

We agree to:

1. Come to class.

2. Make sure that when we miss class that we contact the others in our group.

3. That we will work on group assignments collaboratively.

4. Switch roles per assignment.

5. Show up at meetings.

6. Complete assignments before group meetings.

7. Assist others having trouble with the assignments.

This group contract is binding upon all who sign it and is subject to change with prior approval of all members of the group.

Sample 2

Group Contract

A. I agree to come to class on a regular basis.

B. In the result that I am unable to attend class, I will make it my personal responsibility to et any and all notes from my group.

C. Under any and all circumstances, I will get what work I am allotted to do, done and turned in on time.

D. If I am sick and unable to make it to class on the date a group assignment is due, I will call my group members to make other arrangements to get my work turned in on time.

E. The time and place of group meetings shall be agreed upon unanimously within our group.

F. I will be in attendance and prompt for each and every group meeting.

G. Should an emergency arise that prevents e from attending a group meeting, I will notify my group members immediately.

H. I will do my share of the group work, there will never be an occasion where one group member does all of the work nor will there be a time when a group member does none of the work.

I. Each member will agree on the answer for each group problem before it is turned in. In circumstances where agreement is not automatic, each member shall explain how they arrived at their particular solution until a correct solution is clear. If no agreement can be reached, a vote will be taken on which result to submit.

J. I will do everything in my capabilities to help my fellow group members understand each and every concept and problem.

K. If I do not understand a concept or solution, I will not hesitate to ask my fellow group members for help.

L. I will communicate with my fellow group members about any concerns I have about our group work.

M. I will be an active member of this group in all aspects. I will not take answers as fact, but instead confirm final results by working the problem myself and attempting to get the same solution.

I certify that I have thoroughly read this contract and that I will abide by it. I am signing this contract at my own free will, and have initialed each of the above statements because I agree with it, and am willing to adhere to each clause. I understand that breach of contract will result in verbal reprimand on the first two instances, followed by immediate dismissal on the third instance. This contract is subject to be amended pending a unanimous vote within the group.