Here are links to some useful websites for University Physics 1

Modified September 4, 2013

University Physics

Web Links

RIT Sites

Full Uncertainties Manual A discussion of errors and propagation of errors
Full Graphing Manual Details of graphs including making them, good and bad examples

Powers of 10 From 1 m square image out to the cosmos and down to the proton

Frames of Reference This is a classic 1960's video with sound
MIT Lecture on Vectors and kinematics: Beautiful demo at the 46 minute mark of separabilty of vertical and horizontal motion in projectile motion

Physics in a rotating reference frame This is a nice illustration of when Newton's First Law fails
Apparent Weightlessness--Zero G
A commercial version of the Vomit Comet

Relative Velocities (Japanese) Car drives 100 kph and pitching machine pitches at 100 kph

Hammer Drop On the Moon

Falling Ball with Strobe

Projectile Motion Applet

Hunter and Monkey Demo

Mythbusters Errant Cannon Ball--News report (don't know how long this will be active)

MIT Center of Mass Demo Objects thrown first in bright light, then in black light

Baseball hitting Flat Steel Plate (Slow Motion)

High Speed video of driver hitting golf ball (There are lots of other fun videos here)

Hi speed video Bat hitting ball 6 minutes, good parts start at 1:10 to 1:40, 2:10-2:30, 4:00-4:40, 4:55-5:10

Dropped Slinky

Magnus Force


High Speed Video of Lightning 7200 frames/sec
David Blaine's Faraday Cage