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Christina and I live in an 1828 Medina sandstone farmhouse in Ontario, New York on 25 acres of wooded land with a pond of several acres and many different kinds of animals and birds. We share our home with Laddie, Sunny, and Charlie, the three wonder pups, and Peaches and Pepper, the wonder kitties.

We love our old house very much. It has four fireplaces, a great deal of wide chestnut flooring (22" in some places), and exposed beams (with the original axe marks). It is filled with antiques, and Christina is in the midst of building us a beautiful garden.

The dogs and kitties are a delight. Peaches loves to hide when we throw balls for Laddie and Sunny, and then, as they come back from retrieving a ball, she leaps out at them and gives them a loving touch. Pepper is as laid back as can be, delighted at being petted, but outdoors as much as he can. Charlie is the youngest, a German shorthair pointer (mostly, maybe), and she loves to cuddle and to chase anything you will throw for her.

I have two children, Kelly and April, both grown, and Christina and I now have four grandchildren. My son Kelly is a professor of history, with a child Andrew, born January 2004. He married Vika in June 2014, and they now have a son, William Mark Robison, born February 15, 2015 and a daughter, Julia, born November 5, 2016. My daughter April lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, invests in real estate, and has a number of rental properties. She is also a licensed contractor. She has two adopted children, Kaiya, born July 25, 2003, and Alex, born May 10, 2007.

I have a dry and slightly weird sense of humor, relishing Farside and Calvin and Hobbes and collecting short funny vignettes of overhead conversation. I collect antiques and books, especially philosophy from the 18th century. Christina? Ah, well, she is more than my equal in wit and good sense. She reads and reads and reads and gardens and gardens and gardens, and in whatever time she has left, which somehow turns out to be a lot, she cooks wonderfully well, making great pies, fudge, and snickerdoodles as well as dinners to die for.