Programming & Coding Ability


The first programming I learned coming into college is the one I'm most familiar with. I've been using it for 2 years at this point and used it within Visual Studio 2013/2015 as well as MonoDevelop for Unity.


I've been using C++ throughout this semester, and learning it has come fairly easy due to its similarities to C#. I've been using it within Visual Studio 2013/2015.


Processing is a Java-based programming tool used for drawing images onto a window. I dabbled with it before coming to college and properly learned it last year. While I haven't truly coded in Java, Processing has many similarities as it is based on Java.


HTML and CSS are both something I've been using since my first year of college similar to C#. While I had trouble with it at first, it's a language I've slowly grown to get used to and enjoy since I've improved by using it more.

Unity 2D and 3D

Unity is a popular and great engine that has been used by various developers. I've used it during my first year and afterwards using both the 2D and 3D aspects to make various in-engine projects. It's something I have learned and will probably learn as I continue my education.

Graphical Programs

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is probably the most common image and graphics program and it's something I've used and learned for a couple years since middle school, using various versions throughout the years. I use it often as well for multiple classes and personal purposes, making it something I'm very familiar with.


GIMP is a photoshop-like program that can be downloaded for free. While it doesn't have all the tools Photoshop has, it still remains very similar and a reliable tool that I have, probably, used as often or more than Photoshop.

Autodesk Maya

For 3D modelling, I've been using Maya, something I also learned last year. While sometimes Maya gives me issues, I've become fairly decent with the program and hopefully I can learn more with 3D modelling and Maya.

Adobe Premier and After Effects(and Final Cut Pro)

Towards the last few years of high school I took a video production class and learned a lot about Adobe Premier. Premier is a very useful tool for video editing and something I took a liking to. After Effects is similar but for adding powerful effects for when you need some special effects editing that Premier can't provide. I've also temporarily used Final Cut Pro, a Mac program that is very similar to Premier.