AMS Eastern Sectional Meeting Fall 2012

Special Session on Inverse Problems and Nonsmooth Optimization: Celebrating Zuhair Nashed's 75th Birthday

Full Schedule


 8:00 AM  Noise Models for Ill-Posed Problems. M. Zuhair Nashed*

 8:30 AM  Multiplicative regularization for linear inverse problems. Mark S Gockenbach* Kaylee M Walsh

 9:00 AM  Approximation and Regularization Methods for Some Nonsmooth Variational Problems in Continuum Mechanics. Joachim Gwinner*

 9:30 AM  A Trilinear Form and $L_p$ Parameter Differentiability in Diffuse Optical Tomography. Taufiquar R Khan*

10:00 AM  Variational shape optimization for image segmentation. Gunay Dogan*

10:30 AM  A two-stage method for inverse medium scattering problems. Bangti Jin*

 3:00 PM  Local regularization using nondifferentiable penalty constraints. Stephan W Anzegruber Patricia K Lamm*

 3:30 PM  Choice of an optimal source in optical tomography: a special case and alternative formulation. Bonnie C. Jacob*

 4:00 PM  On local regularization methods for solving inverse problems. Cara D. Brooks*

 4:30 PM  On iterative regularization methods for ill-posed problems. Antonio Leitao*

 5:00 PM  Nash equilibrium and Lagrange multipliers in infinite dimension. Fabio Raciti*

 5:30 PM  Regularization of Stochastic Variational Inequalities and a Comparison of an $L_p$ and a Sample-Path Approach. Baasansuren Jadamba*


 8:00 AM  Improved inverse problem discretizations via augmented Lagrangian stabilization of a constrained optimization problem. Carlos E. Rivas Aroni, CGGVeritas Paul E. Barbone* Assad A. Oberai

 8:30 AM  Inverse Problem Solution for Interpreting X-Ray Microbeam Diffraction Measurements of Electromigration Induced Strains. Antoinette M. Maniatty*

 9:00 AM  Intravascular Ultrasound Elastography: Practical and Computational Aspects of Solving the Elastic Inverse Problem. Michael S. Richards* Renato Perucchio Marvin M Doyley

 9:30 AM  Parameter estimation for ordinary differential equation models with applications in HIV dynamics. Hongqi Xue*

10:00 AM  Stochastic Inverse Problem in Ultrasound Monitoring of Bioreactors Guillermo Rus

10:30 AM  Inverse Problems in Brain Image Analysis. Noore Zahra*

 3:00 PM  Equation Error Approach for the Inverse Problem of Tumor Identification. Erin R Crossen*

 3:30 PM  A Modified Output Least Squares Approach for the Inverse Problem of Tumor Identification. Brian C Winkler*

 4:00 PM  On some variational inequality based iterative methods for inverse problems. Selin Sariaydin*

 4:30 PM  Solving the Inverse Parabolic Problem of Recovering Implied Local Volatility. Nathan C Bush*