Previous Internships

  • Software Engineer Coop - Golisano Institute for Sustainability

    I worked this coop full time from August to December 2016, I then transferred to part time work through the spring 17' semester. In this position I gained experience with Angular 2, agile devlopment practices, developing for wearable devices and for augmented reality. This project pushed me to refine my coding chops and taught me how to work with the customer and gather feedback to make refinements. During this project I worked in a team of 3-4 other students and a couple of senior full time software engineers.

  • Web Developer Coop - School of Interactive Games and Media

    This position was for the summer of 2016, I worked on a web application that the school uses to manage their student records and student advising. My duties included developing and testing new features as well as coordinating my teams merges to development and pushes to production. This position also required more use of PHP than i normally ever use so it was a good refresher in that as well. I worked with a team of three other students during this time.

Other Leadership Experience

  • President, Sigma Chi - Lambda Kappa Chapter

    I served as the president of my fraternity chapter here at RIT for the 2015-16 year. My responsibilities included managing the day to day affairs of our chapter of 50 people as well as being the outward representative face of our organization. My job was to keep everyone happy and steer the ship towards the goals we developed to achieve throughout the year. During that year we raised a chapter fund-raising record at 20,000 dollars donated to Hunstman Cancer Institute. These were just some of the many things that I got to do for my chapter, I would be more than happy to go into more detail if asked.

  • Community Service Chairman, Sigma Chi - Lambda Kappa Chapter

    I took on this position after finishing up as President. This position gives me a way to give back to the Rochester community that I have benefited from for the past four years. I try to motivate my brothers to find fulfilling and beneficial services to the area such as sorting medical supplies for a donation group or helping out at the food pantry.

  • Teaching Assistant

    I took this second job to give something back to my major which I had not been very involved in outside of class in the past years. I love web development and javascript so I felt I would be a great help to a teacher as an assistant to the class. This job allows to me to meet and connect with younger students who may feel similarly to how lost I felt when I was first learning to code.