Brody Kutt

A curious, self-driven, visionary and multi-talented individual with a passion for neuroscience and artificial intelligence. I derive great joy from conducting neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence research geared toward solving hard, real-world problems that require the sophisticated mental capabilities observed uniquely in animal brains. I believe emulating the principles and functional properties of the primate brain, particularly in the cerebral cortex and related mammalian-brain structures, is the clearest path to truly strong and sophisticated AI beyond what is capable with traditional machine learning and deep learning which is encompassed by the act of complex functional approximation. In industry, I currently work as a data scientist engineering AI to provide for practical solutions in a large variety of domains. Sometime in life I'd like to volunteer in the Peace Corps as a teacher to help better the quality of math and science education overseas. I am also a self-taught pianist, guitarist, banjo player, accordion player, aspiring writer and sketch artist who has made a habit out of accomplishing whatever I set my mind on.


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Original Artwork Examples

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Mahatma Gandhi Sketch Paul McCartney Sketch