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Grace Hopper Grace Hopper

Today the percentage of women in computing sciences has bottomed out and is nowhere near the number previous to the 1980s. There is a lot that people are doing though to try and improve those numbers. There are multiple women in computing organizations throughout the country that go to schools and give young girls introductions to computer science.

Women often didn’t see that they had any role in the computing world and when you look at the percentage of women in other engineering professions, those numbers are much higher than any of the women in computer science.

After looking throughout history I think it is reasonable to conclude that it is super important for girls coming of age now to know that it is an option for them to become computer scientists.

Women started the computing language revolution with Ada Lovelace and as Grace Hopper got the ball rolling we ran right into the decline. It is sad to say that a previously such female dominated career was let go of by the majority of the female population.

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