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I am interested in abstracting imagery from a variety of working processes, and putting these into movement on film. The imagery is either drawn by hand frame-by-frame directly onto paper before shooting on film, or captured and modified by hand for a frame-by-frame film production. I work so that each short animated film engages the audience's perception and educates that perception on how the work must be viewed. My works therefore are not structured as commercial narratives, but are, rather, graphic musings on themes like: acceleration, the starry sky, looking, landscape. Continuities in my film are not provided by assembly-line smoothness, but by movement, sound design, argument, and emotion.

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Crossing the Stream (2006)

Crossing the Stream Pic 35 mm color film. 4 minutes.
About work. About consciousness. A meditation on water, and the animation of water. A poem in the shape of a stream.
For Bruce Baillie



More True Shit (2003)
Computer Animated . 6 minutes.
A bad-attitude erase film, made with the computer. Music by Michael Ives, saxaphone by Orif Peréz Aké.


I Would Always Slow the Ocean Down (2001)
Video. 4 minutes.
A Video for my daughter for her hight school graduation.


Second Nature (2000)

Second Nature Pic 35mm color film. 5 minutes. 2000.
At a carnival everything is for sale, but the box of beautiful nature is the most coveted. A fight ensues, and the nature box explodes. Adama and Eve...
Sound performance by the accoustic poetry performance group F'loom; effects by Battaglia.


Taki Dom (1997)
An animated film on paper created with the painted bodies of two chickens. What comes first: the chicken, the egg, or the chicken dinner? A music video for F'loom.
Designed and produced with Julie Anne Jurgens and Daniel Pejril. Computer animation to experimental musical performance score by F'loom. 4:30


Restlessness (1994)

Restlessness Pic A surrealist tale, a film graphically motivated by the movements of a snake, a "bachelor machine", a play on the exquisite corpse game, a diaristic animation, a film which does everything in animation I tell my students NOT to do... and a love story of man and woman: the ground and the sky. What more do you require?
A fully animated experimental 35mm color film, digital sound, 4:30. Film drawn on xerographic cels from photos, paper and animation acetates with brushed acrylics and colored pencils.
Funded by The American Filmmaker Program, The American Film Institute, $18,000. Initial production funding through the New York State Council on the Arts, $10,000.


Geologic Time (1989)

Geologic Pic An animated investigation of landscape formation and change. "Look at this mountain; once it was fire" (Paul Cezanne).
A fully animated 35mm and 16mm film in color, digital sound, 6:00. Grant of $18,000 for production from National Endowment for the Arts 1985


The Academy Leader Variations (1987)

Academy Leader Variations Pic Collaborator. Executed two sections in this first international animation projects with animators from People's Republic of China, Switzerland, Poland and US




The Animated Star Spangled Banner (1990)
Producer of a collaborative animation. Opening film, "3rd Animation Celebration" January 1991. Distributed in 35mm and 16mm worldwide by Expanded Entertainment. Selected "Best of the Fest" Movies on a Shoestring. Opened short film selection: 1990 Telluride Film Festival. Available on video.


Brainstormers (1986)
Television show opening for weekly high school academic question and answer program. WXXI-TV Rochester, NY


Pigment Forest (1985)
Painted in oil paints under the camera on 31 canvas supports which are exchanged every two frames. An animated paint study.
All design, painting, direction and editing, 16mm color 3:00. Animated in oil paint on canvas supports. Received $2000 LIFT grant from Monroe County, NY toward production


How the Frog's Eye Sees (1984)

How the Frog\'s Eye Sees Pic The frog does not see what does not move. To the frog, to move is to exist. Minimalist cartoon. Music by Brian Eno.
All design, drawing direction, sound and editing on this fully animated 16mm color film. 6:30. Received $10,000 grant from New York State Council on Arts towards production. Opened December 1984 at Little Theater, Rochester NY


Boccioni's Bike (1981) 

Boccioni's Bike Pic A study of acceleration and a homage to the Italian Futurists. An animation of shifting shapes and mechanical rhythms.
All design, drawing, direction, sound and editing on this fully animated 16mm color film. 8:00. Awarded $2800 grant for production, New York State Council on the Arts 1982. Opened October 1981 at the International Museum of Photography/George Eastman House Rochester, NY


Parataxis (1980)

Parataxis Pic A "shuffled" animation of xerox images from film mixed with audio lines. A structural animation. I am told that this is the first animation accomplished with a Xerox machine.
All scripting, design, direction, image processing, editing and animation. 16mm color 3:00.
Historically appreciated as the first film xerographically animated. Created with the assistance of a Xerox 6500 Color Copier on paper. Opened May 1980 at the International Museum of Photography, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY.


Skip Battaglia
Email: skipb@frontiernet.net