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GDD student, interested in learning new things. Enjoy long walks down the hallway while brainstorming, relaxing evenings eating at my desk coding, and inventing new swears while debugging.

I am a student who once thought they would program games for a living. After 8 months doing web development at the cybersecurity branch of a large company, I have a new mission: learn better design techniques, attain a higher level of competency with HTML, and don't, under any circumstances, get lured into using NodeJS. I have seen just the tip of the security iceberg, but what I saw was a whole lot of conflicting policy, frustrating bureaucracy, and terrible user interfaces. And so, returning to RIT, I embark on a quest to bring good design principles and presentational techniques to the world of explaining spreadsheets to military brass, while avoiding doing any artwork. As everybody knows, part of the hero's journey is a training montage to defeat the final boss. Lacking the ability to condense my educational years into 30 seconds and a music score (or a final boss), I will settle for taking courses that teach various bits of computer science. This course in particular (IGME-230, Web Site Design & Implementation) sounds like a pretty good way to learn how to design and implement websites. At work, I focused heavily on development, but not on design, and more senior team members were in charge of deployment, so I never got much experience with server management. But if I had to take one thing away from this course, it would be that I want to learn media queries.



  1. Project 1
  2. Project 2
  3. Project 3


  1. 2A Recipe
  2. 3A Tables
  3. 3B-A Navigation
  4. 3B-B Navigation
  5. 3B-C Transitions
  6. 4A ResponsiveCSS
  7. Random Phrases 1
  8. Random Phrases 2
  9. CSS Framework
  10. SVG Animation
  11. Hit Detection

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