Physics 369, University Workshop Physics IA

Spring 2011-3


TA Section 03: Jay Howson,

SI Tutor Section 03: Ian Gielar,

TA Section 04: Jeremy Van Horn,

SI Tutor Section 04: Katelyn Busse,

Lab Make-up TA: (Fridays 12-1:45 PM in room GOS-3178). Jon Beaumariage,

Magic Grade Calculator. Use this spreadsheet to track your progress and estimate your grade in the course.

Reminder: The Final is Wednesday May 23 2:45-4:45 PM Room: EAS-2000. A formula sheet similar to the one in the appendix of your workbook will be attached.


We'll be using the Activities Manual for Phys 311 and 369. I'll be introducing some extra sheets for Phys 369, so I'll keep a running list of the topics here for reference with links to sheets used that are not in the Course Manual.


I've written out a full set of lecture notes for this course as a possible study aid and summary of the text. Sometimes seeing things a little differently helps. It also emphasizes the main points and fills in a few blanks in the text. Just another service I provide.

Here's some old lecture notes as transparencies back when I used to lecture to several sections at once in the big lecture hall 8-1250. They're basically the same material, different examples, so I scanned them in as another possible study aid.

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