Grant Terdoslavich's 230 Page

An image of me (Grant Terdoslavich).

Who am I?

My name is Grant Terdoslavich. My hobbies and interests include videogames, running, and Kendo. I was once more invested in running and parkour in the past. My goals include getting back into running and parkour, as well as becoming more proficient in Kendo. In this class I hope to learn more about designing websites using html and css, as well as how to integrate things like videogames with my webites. So far my time at RIT has been exciting, as I'm learning things that genuinely interest me, but at the same time it has also been just as stressful with working on projects and studying for exams. When I graduate, I hope to be using all the knowledge and experience I picked up from RIT to get a job for a game development company and make something of my life.

Class Projects:

In Class Exercises:

  1. Recipe-ICE
  2. Tables-ICE3A
  3. Stylish Navigation Exercise
  4. Tabs Exercise
  5. CSS Transitions and Animation
  6. Responsive CSS Exercise
  7. Random-Phrases-1
  8. Random-Phrases-2
  9. CSS-Frameworks
  10. SVG1

Class List Page:

Section 03 is a page of all students in the third section of Web Design and Implementation.

Github Repository: is my Github repository for IGME 230.