How to do Literature Searches 
& Find Journal Articles Online at RIT

The Basic Idea

The Current Index to Statistics, available online through RIT's Wallace Library web page, lets you do literature searches. (Details to be explained below.)

The Current Index contains the names of the articles. You can get the content of many articles online through the Wallace Library web page as well. (Details to be explained below.) Most journal have a so-called wall—a wall of 5 years means only journal articles 5 years and older are availble. Print versions of more recent articles are available through Wallace Library, the CQAS graduate student room, the CQAS Freund Room, or using interlibrary resources through Wallace.

 You can also find other authors who cited the articles you have found. This is valuable to help you find other useful articles (Details to be explained below.)

Examples of Journals

     Most journals tend to become more mathematical over time. So, for examle, 1970 articles in Technometrics are likely less mathematical (technical) than those in the year 2000.