Sox wants attention

Jim Habermas

Major Area of Study at RIT

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This is some text about my cat named Sox.  Sox came to us last summer walking off the golf course in our backyard into our house and our hearts.  Now Sox "runs" our house.  Sox thinks rules don't apply to her Sox and she walks all over the kitchen table every time I do my homework.  Sox is still an outside/inside cat, but she now comes home every night to sleep in a warm bed.

Since Sox was an outside cat, for a few months she was very scared of the refrigerator, the heater and when the dog barks next door.  Now Sox's only fears are who is going to get up at 5am to feed her and the Dr. (Veterinarian).  This poor cat was "fixed" twice.  Since she was a stray cat, we had no idea that she had already been "fixed" until after the Dr. opened her up, and saw she was missing some parts.  She has not had to go back to the Dr. since that surgery, and I think we are going to find a new Veterinary Hospital.