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My main goal is to create experimental games with a focus on studying the potential of the medium to engender change in players.

I want to understand design to such a degree that the games I make become transformative experiences, like the greatest literature and film.

When I get there, I want to share all of the things I've learned so that the next generation of designers can push the medium further.

For now, I think I'll settle with learning the technical skills needed to make games in the first place.


SVG Hit Detection

Applying hit detection to SVG graphics.

SVG Animation

An exercise in using SVG graphics on the web.

Random Phrases 2

Script a button to display a random quote when pressed.

Random Phrases 1

Using basic JavaScript to randomly set the text of an HTML element.

Responsive Vader Page

Using media queries and max-widths to resize a page.

Horizontal Nav System Variants

4 different styles of horizontal navigation systems.

Navigation System

Using CSS to set up an informative page navigation system.

Dropdown Menu

Using CSS transitions to animate an expanding list of links.

Tables + Positioning

An introduction to creating tables and manipulating the positioning of sectioned elements on the screen.


An exercise in applying basic HTML and CSS.

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Project 1

For this project, a website for hosting a game was created and formatted. The site had to be responsively designed, and also carry additional details about the game and site design process.
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Project 2

This is a game.
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This is my portfolio project.