Project Name: Munchuria

Team Members, Roles, and Responsibilities

Matthew Panebianco (

Code Lead

Create a stable and easy-to-maintain code infrastructure, master of technologies used, and update the project website.

Research and Design Deputy

Assist Aishwarya when needed.

Aishwarya Uniyal (

Research and Design Lead

Define the scope of research, plan the interview questions, test prototypes, compare to existing product.

Documentation Deputy

Assist Sovantharith when needed.

Sovantharith Seng (

Team Lead

Arrange group meetings, set agenda for group meetings, set deadlines for work, submit team submission if only one submission is needed, and communicate with the professor.

Documentation Lead

Maintain documentations for the projects and team meetings.

Code Deputy

Assist Matthew when needed.

Peter Yeung (

Communication Lead

Recruit users for interviews, interact with the participants, collect and analyze qualitative data.

Team Deputy

Assist Sovantharith when needed.


  • Google Suite for storage and documentation
  • Google Hangouts for team communication and online meeting
  • GitHub for code repo
  • Prototyping software TBD

Grounds of Expulsion

  • Misses 2 meetings without providing an upfront and reasonable explanation.
  • Does not provide any contributions to projects.
  • Plagiarize someone else's work.