Dr. Craig Photo

The Human Visualization Project

A team of faculty and students from different colleges (Science, CIAS, GCCIS, Engineering) and departments (Medical Illustration, Mechanical Engineering, Imaging Science, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry) at RIT participate in this project. Our goal is to create a 3D virtual human all the way from gross anatomy to organs, tissues, cells, and molecules. Click here to visit the HVP site.

Flash Animations

Follow this link to access Flash animations of the skull, the pancreas, the nephron from the kidney, the human skeleton, and dermatomes (what are dermatomes? - that's right - a link to wikipedia on a faculty member's web site).

3D PDFs for Adobe Reader

RIT students have created interactive 3D pdf files of small molecules, large molecules and parts of the skeleton. Have a look around. You will need the latest version of Acrobat Reader from Adobe to see the 3D effects.