Reginald Rogers

Reginald Rogers is currently an Assistant Professor in the Chemical Engineering program and director of the Nanoscale Energy and Separations Materials Laboratory (NESML) at Rochester Institute of Technology. Dr. Rogers received his B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his M.S. from Northeastern University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan-all in Chemical Engineering. His research at the University of Michigan focused on the fundamental understanding of particle interaction potentials for applications including photonics.  After completing his Ph.D., Dr. Rogers joined the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering department at Rochester Institute of Technology as a Postdoctoral Fellow.  This research included synthesis and characterization of lithium ion battery cathode materials and adsorption using carbon nanotubes.  In July 2012, Dr. Rogers transitioned to an Assistant Professor position where he continues his research interests in separation technology via adsorption with carbon nanotubes as well as next-generation battery materials.

Graduate Researchers

Andres Dabdoub - MS Materials Science

Evan Smith - PhD Engineering

Undergraduate Researchers

Michael McCarroll - 5th Year Chemical Engineering

Mark Eddy - 4th Year Chemical Engineering

Erich Metzger - 3rd Year Chemical Engineering

Paula Zaretzky - 3rd Year Chemical Engineering

Kevin Claps - 2nd Year Chemical Engineering

Connor D'Angelo - 2nd Year Chemical Engineering

Eric Kolb - 2nd Year Chemical Engineering

Tyler Nimz - 2nd Year Chemical Engineering

Past Group Members

Dr. Anthony Dichiara - Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently an Assistant Professor at University of Washington

Jared Benton-Smith - BS Chemical Engineering

Tyler Chin - BS Chemical Engineering

Michael Desiato - BS Chemical Engineering

Zarinna Dulnuan - 5th Year Chemical Engineering

William Gorman - 4th Year Chemical Engineering

Samuel Harlander - BS Chemical Engineering

Benjamin Litts - BS Chemical Engineering

Jospeh Lopata - BS Chemical Engineering

Taylor McCulloch - 4th Year Chemical Engineering

Tyler Sherwood - BS Chemical Engineering

Michael Webber - BS Chemical Engineering

Jonathan Wilson - BS Chemical Engineering

Group Photos

NESML Research Group - 2016
(L to R): Austin Beamish, Reginald Rogers, Shane Matesic, Timothy Gover

NESML Research Group - 2015
(L to R): Reginald Rogers, Taylor McCulloch, Paula Zaretzky, Evan Smith

NESML Research Group - 2014
(L to R): Reginald Rogers, William Gorman, Samuel Harlander, Benjamin Litts, Michael Webber, Anthony Dichiara

NESML Research Group - 2013
Front Row (L to R): Reginald Rogers, Zarinna Dulnuan, Joseph Lopata, Anthony Dichiara

Back Row (L to R): Michael Desiato, Jared Benton-Smith, Tyler Sherwood, Jonathan Wilson