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Nam sine dentibus eorum

A short biography

Sam Sorensen has been alive for some number of years now, and carries with him many memories of those years, though not all. He currently has a deep and abiding belief in the strange abilities of stories, specifically plots involving characters and settings, to be both good and nice, quite often at the very same time. He currently is formally enrolled at the Rochester Institute of Technology, more commonly known by its colloquial name, RochiTech. His major area of studies is the conception, drafting, and construction of a number of video-games, specifically involving those with words, numbers, and images. After reaching his Graduation Ceremony (cheekily called a Grademony by the students and alumni) and earning his square hat, he hopes to construct more video-games, perhaps attaining a paid position in the construction industry.

This is a photograph of Sam Sorensen, permanently burned onto digital film with his consent.

The photograph of Sam Sorensen in question.

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