Project Creation

I had initally based my project off of this example, and I had to change the way it presented the county information. It originally had it so that it showed every single county, but I have it now where it changes to show the counties when zoomed in, and additionally I made it so that it only showed the counties of the state. I also added the colors of how each county voted in the 2016 presidential election.

I found this tutorial to be also helpful in creating the colors. Ultimately, however, I did have to convert a file from .csv to .json in order to implement the data of the election, and had to modify some of the numbers because the original creator had omitted some zeros at the beginning of the county numbers.

New Skills

I think I had learned several new skills. I definitely believe I have become more proficient at reading and writing my own JavaScript, and I have become more affluent at parsing through lots of data in an efficient manner. I also used the d3 library, and was inspired by them to create something awesome.

Areas for Improvement

I think my code could have been much cleaner. A lot of it was taken from the example, but it was extremely difficult to understand, and many of the things I had to remove because it was irrelevant to my own version of it.

Additional Notes

I had a lot of fun experimenting with JavaScript, and I really enjoyed doing it!