Screen shot of sand simulator in action
Project Repository
Falling Sand
This is a sandbox particle simulator. Origionally a class project, I was told to make something interesting in canvas. I choose to re-create the sand simulators that were popular back in the early to mid 2000s (of which most are gone or depricated) in HTML5. The system works by extracting the ImageData from the current frame and iterating through the pixels. Each sand type is identified by its color and its behavior is used to determine what the next frame will look like. When the frame is built, the image is pushed back to the canvas ImageData object.
Screen shot of Rocket Jump game
Project Repository
Rocket Jump
This is a game I participated in developing for a group project. The Inspiration comes from the fact that in many first person combat games, the rocket launcher creates explosive projectiles that exert a force on the player. A popular exploitation of this fact is to launch yourself in the air by pointing the rocket down and jumping up. We decided to try and use this as a mechanic along with an implosion counterpart as the main mechanics for a puzzle solver obstacle course.
Screen shot of Toss Up game
Project Repository
Toss Up
This is a team project currently in development. The theme revolves around defending your castle by flicking away the invading army as they march forward. Most of the main mechanics are in and when it is finished, we hope to have it running well on mobile devices.
AStar demo scene
A-Star demonstration
Not really a game in and of itself, but this scene is a demo in which a group of people utilize the AStar (also known as A*) algorithm to plan the path they would take to their randomly assigned rooms. I created this implementation in C# using dictionaries that take tile coordinates as keys and paired it with a tile object used to store linked list information.
Phase Jump scene
Phase Jump
This is an early gray box version of a game I am currently designing in Construct 2 for a level design class. The core mechanic is the ability to phase through solid objects and the level is intended to be an introduction level to get the player used to solving problems by means of the mechanic while challenging preconceived notions about obstacles.