My logo made to rotate in 3d
3D Logo!
I thought it would be cool to build my logo in Maya and rotate it as a gif! The process was reasonably simple for the most part. I modeled Poly Objects and used the boolean function to merge the letters(cleaning geometry as needed). After that I textured the object, made it reflective for a shiny feel, and key-framed it to spin in the course of 36 frames. Lastly I exported the frames as a gif using Photoshop.
A 3d rendered gold ring with the word precious engraved on it
Metal Ring
A team project in the "Game Design and Development" class has students set up a game. Since our game had "encounter cards" I wanted to make some artwork for them. This one was for a ring you could find on the ground. It is one of my favorite examples.
A 3d rendered potion with a purple liquid
Mysterious Potion
Another object made for the team project. This time I took advantage of a feature new in the 2015 version (Bifrost) to do the fluid simulation of the potion.
A 3d rendered potion with a purple liquid
Cloth Physics and Video as a texture
This example serves double duty as a demonstration of my early experimenting with Maya's "Ncloth" fabric simulator (See this video for a newer example of a flag in the wind). The second demonstration regards using an image sequence as a texture to make a moving picture within the new video (in this case a rotating plane).
A 3d rendered dungeon corridor
Cover art
The game that a lot of the previous pictures were made for has a dungeon crawler RPG theme, so I set up a dungeon corridor for the box art. The project involved a lot of concepts I have dealt with individually in the past but had never combined in one project (namely lighting, bumb maping, noise maps, fire effects, and UV mapping large structures). After a half hour of rendering with Mentalray, this is perhaps the closest thing to photorealism I have made to date.
A 3d rendered Office building
Speed Modeling Competition
The RIT modeling club (RIT Graph) occasionally has speed modeling competitions. One competition was a two hour race to build a scene with the stipulation that it has to include the Windows bliss background image somewhere within it. Most people used it as a backdrop for fields and rural settings but I decided to play it super straight and use it as a desktop background. since the competition, I have taken to swapping out the monitor picture with my favorite pictures and using the group of them as a background slideshow. The end result is a desktop that appears to cycle through photos in the midground of my laptops background.