Topology is a beautiful field of mathematics dealing with the "shape" of objects, without regard for distance. This website provides resources about applied topology and the explosion of serious applications of topology in every feild of science and engineering. The material is arranged in coordination with the textbook Topology and Its Applications.

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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CCLI EMD 0442740

Summary of the sidebar links:

Home: This page.

Textbook: informatioan about the textbook Topology and Its Applications, including table of contents.

Figures: All 200 figures from Topology and Its Applications in high resolution full color. They are for free electronic use with acknowlegement of the source.

Applied Topology Presentations : Power point presentations of some of the applications.

External links: There are so many new applicaitons that is is difficult to keep up with them all. Links are included to research groups, many of which have preprints available. Please let me inform me of any good sites that aren't included.